22 Replies to “Lucero – Texas & Tennessee”

  1. an Amazing and Beautiful group of guy's who are not only talented, but Ive worked with/for them, many times (stagehand), the Love they project through their music is truly who they are. and their fans…. are just as awesome! True Memphis Music. pleasure to know and work with them!! Big Love. xoxo

  2. Ben Nichols is one of the most influential musicians to me in my life I played guitar from 5 years old till about 19 years old and just up and stopped until I heard his song last pail light in the west on season 3 of the walking dead and it lit a fuse that has been burning since then and has opened my mind up to so many things I've never thought of with guitar………thank you Ben Nichols and Lucero….. My favorite of all time

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