29 Replies to “Californians Fleeing ‘Nanny State’ for Texas”

  1. Texans please don't let these liberals ruin your state! You must defend it because Texas is probably the last true American state in the country. And now these liberals are out to destroy it because they already destroyed their own.

  2. Those peasants in California aren’t TRUE Americans I think. They might have been born here but they don’t like the ideals that this country was built on they probably hate the Declaration of Independence and the 2nd amendment and something about the 3rd amendment in California you can be ANY religion you want but it is heresy to be the apart of the religion this country was founded on. Ya know that saying don’t California my Texas well that is true but I think we need to TEXAS California ya know what I mean

  3. This Country does not sound like "the land of the free, and the home of the brave", that song is a LIE. I wouldn't live in Texas if it was the last place on earth. the people there sound very "mean spirited, and hateful". If you are a "tax payer", you should be able to live any where in this country you want to, and YES I am a "conservative".

  4. Im Texan. My cousin who lives in California told me I was being offensive by listing all the issues with California. Her first car was a new mercedez, and mine a honda with 300k miles on it. She was offended i said she doesnt have a problem with California because her daddy is rich, and somehow his 3 years of being bankrupt while she lived with him as an adult is more destitute than me dumpte diving as a minor.

  5. What I really hate about it is, they've ruined there state and instead of fixing it, they are moving to my state and bringing the same mentally that ruined their state. Even though it didn't happen Texas was really threatened by a Blue Wave.

  6. They are moving, yes, but far to many of them are also taking that same B. S. to other states with them and setting up shop in the population centers.
    That's probably why so many of our cities are " third world " dumps and still run by the bankrupt (morally & financially) Democrat party.

  7. Yeah California is was so over populated than just this thinking the place too live not real born u would after awhile its crazy rat race its everyone such a hurry its everybody always drives crazy its stressful state too even breath everything is cost way up and if ur sick its not good state too live they changed things this California wouldn't be crazy zoo its senseless minuim wage gone up and makes else go up how the economy stay up when people can't afford the cost cuz bringing minimum wage than the fast food goes up than they charge 10 cents a bag at the stores there's not all they can do what they should fine along time ago that cost of everything when kids were having kids and it was going off the state than other the state foreigners and bringing more problems illegals from mexico but everything too not knowing English of any race that become more like Vietnam and never learn English than the other people migrating here and than evils of foreigners that could be imbed things which is issue you need people background when country for freedom than so much kids having there support some family kids turn out latch key kids sho u LD kids at all than not only the cost but that violence comes out of

  8. Disgustingly Sad is these nimrods that were raised in Cal. BRING all the things that made THEIR FORMER STATE SUCK..and try to REPLANT IT HERE in Texas…I hate these people,,they are the reason California SUCKS,,,THEY elected these "Law" makers,,,NOT US. You made your bed now sleep in it.

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