31 Replies to “Texas Officer Slams Teen to Ground, Put on Leave After Video Emerges | ABC News”

  1. This guy was outnumbered big time. I grew up In Tucson as a white trouble making kid and if you didnt comply (shot your mouth off) with police they knock you down. He pulled his gun when two men approached him. If anything I think he could do with a CPI class and some training on transitional space. If he would have been 10 yards away a taser draw would have been ok until help arrived. He should have assumed he would see resistance. Everyone is a potential threat, but it's fanatical to think this had anything to do with race.

  2. What would you do if a bunch of ghetto people showed up at your local community pool to use that live in the ghetto to use your community pool? Probably what happened here since the reporters say the kids were not allowed to use the pool. You guys just see what the media feeds you out of context

  3. smh at people. it doesn't matter if you disagree with your friends being detained; you sure as hell dont run up on him trying to get your friend away from him. if he says face to the grass, eat that shit up. swallow your pride, act like a normal calm person, and it'll save you from getting dragged around or shot out of fear. acting like an idiot and not doing what an officer says CLEARLY wont make the situation any better.

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