35 Replies to “Tiny Texas Houses’ “Willy Wonka” on making magic reusing wood”

  1. I see great material every time people rebuild after hurricanes and tornadoes. Thrown away And they fill up land fields. I'm 68 yrs old and I love to see if I could afford one of your homes for me and my 2 dogs. God Bless you for saving thing and not waste 👍🙏❤️

  2. Very clever fellow who makes a lot of excellent points, but, some healthy skepticism is useful as well… many have aptly noted that lots of these homes might be riddled with lead. Modern materials and paints aren't inherently evil, and most building codes exist to keep people safe. His anti-government posture is appealing to many, but good governance also makes it's possible for people like this to exist and explore their utopian visions.

    Still, I love his desire to reuse old materials and pay homage to the artisans who made the old stuff. Balance is critical.

  3. Water taps weren't integrated as a government plot. They were separate because child water was potable. hot water wasn't. As public water systems were improved, hot water was included in potable systems. There was no need to do extra plumbing.

  4. I love everything about this guy. His way of thinking, community. Love taking old and making new again. How can I move into your community? You keep up all your great works…

  5. this guys facts are in his own mind. Has he ever been to Tokyo? Does he know anything about latex paint and toxins. hes just a crazy junk man. They are all over the country. Willy Wonkers. Its fine build yur stuff but dont act like you know everything about everything.its annoying.

  6. this guys' a fuckin' whackadoo. there is no way kirsten was not shitting herself in fear of being murdered. a trapdoor in his 'normal' looking house to an underground trailer overlooking a pond perfect for decomposing bodies, . . . . c'mon. i hope someone was with her

  7. This guy sure has a passion for what he does. And what he does is great! But I wish he would finish something. The whole video was filled with "it's gonna have" a this or that, or "you could do" this or that. JUST DO IT! And spend a few minutes cleaning up when you're done.

  8. Is $35,000 the cost to build or to purchase? May be kinda dumb question because if that's the cost to purchase that fantstic piece of art then $35,000 is the deal of the century. God this man is superior to any architect and that bech and table? WOW!!! That kick ass ladder! Handmade beautiful piece. The ENTIRE piece is art. I love this guy. WHOA!!!! My medicine is kickin into high gear 😏. PEACE

  9. I used to thing this stuff was so interesting and cool. Now I realize we are just rationalizing the end of the American dream which has been sold off to foreign lands for the elite criminal traitors. They have sold off everything our forefathers fought and built. Our inheritance was sold out from under our feet. And that of our children.

  10. this is when you know things where made to last. now who will teach the New generation to appreciate and acknowledge life. never allowed anyone to tell u otherwise. he's doing he's part uncoving the lies that those liberals' have done called failure. distorting what's really important but u believe a home of 500k would last you those beautiful 30 years with the health issues along the way but now you see what's really important "health" because without it you got nothing. great people never get recognize. as there is no moneny to be made or involved.

  11. Even though these tiny houses don't require permits, my understanding is that in most parts of the country, it is illegal to live in an unpermitted building. Who's got thoughts about this?

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