28 Replies to “Biker Angle – Mongols Motorcycle Club move into Texas- The Hysteria on the net is outrageous”

  1. Facebook and YouTube along with other sites have become the go to for law enforcement in recent years for information. FACT… even closed groups are open to Leo since 911 anti terrorism bs

  2. During WWII, 3 American soldiers were in a Nazi POW camp. They were suspected of plotting an escape attempt. When the beatings and interrogations ensued one of them confessed that theybwere planning on pole vaulting out of the camp and running away back to friendly lines. Unfortunately 1 of the 3 Americans had been a semi track and field athlete in college. He was seized and shot in front of the entire camp for attempting such an audacious escape plan.

    Problem was, their escape plan was to use a monopoly board provided by the British to buy their way out of the camp. The guy shot was the only one of the 3 (an officer), that actually knew about this special monopoly game board with their escape money and plan. So no one escaped, a US officer was killed mercilessly in front of the men and guy that made up the story under duress. So that guy killed himself. Less than 12 days later the POW camp was liberated.

    So yeah, chime in like ya know something, tell them lies and see what happens.

    BTW… Was all of this a lie too?

    Trust CNN, your life or someone else's may depend on it!

    Respect to Hollywood and those that know I respect them. All others…Fook off!

    Viva 36!

    Prospect Whiteboy J CFMC AR


  4. I was bitching to a brother of mine who was in a small club telling him I wanted to get around 1% percenter club to see how they run shit Well pray answered I was In the hospital recentley and Talked to a great guy who was well you know but what a respectfull guy.

  5. Ya see Im always mindful in what I say cause there will come a day were you get caught at the corner store and have to pay the price I respect all big and 1 % clubs cause they have been around and as much as I think I know I like to learn so respect all around till its time not to give respect. I am a man

  6. I think bikers need to promote freedom groups. I personally love the idea of working with American Indian movement to promote their tribal sovereignty. Everyone needs to gear up for conflict between the federals and their Urban allies vs rural freedom groups ie bikers, separatist movements.

  7. I know nothing about motorcycle gangs. I wished everyone would just get together and get to know each other and enjoy the open roads, many clubs have already lost plenty of their members. God Bless you all and stay safe out there on the roads, peace for everyone regardless of motorcycle club you belong to 🙏.

  8. Having any opinion about 1%er clubs when you don't belong to one is about as smart as criticizing a doctor during surgery when you've never been to medical school. True 1%ers don't spend time on the internet arguing with wannabees. I challenge you to go into a biker bar and talk the crap you do on the internet. They'll dispose of you and your opinion very quickly. lol

  9. Bars, I remember those. Southern Comfort neat, grab ass in the back corner and if some woman gave too much drama, take it out back. Good times. – Do these lippers even know the history behind the Mongols?

  10. TRUE clubs are far an few. Most of what I have seen from RCs, 99% & MCs is more politics then brotherhood. I'm a 43 yo dis com vet an a independent biker an have decided that independent bikers are closer then most MCs, RCs or 99%,clubs. If you want to be free then ride Damit. If you want the brotherhood then DONT B A PUSSY, BE A HANG AROUND(independent) long as it takes to find THE CLUB that FITS YOU. This is your life an if you can't b a man about it……. B YOUR OL LADY FENDER FLUFF AN HER CLUB PROPERTY. Jus my 2 cents.

  11. Those Cali guys moved into NYC….Red Machine gonna have to deal with their next door neighbors..
    Ballsy move on the part of Black N White.
    Theyre up in Brooklyn and on the island.
    Not my circus
    Not my monkeys.
    No opinion here..
    Don't concern me n I don't care to know…
    Glad I'm choosing to ride like an orphan these days…

  12. Those of us who care, don't share…. Internet aint the place for that, causes more problems than anything. This topic is in my back yard. It is what it is, we have around 300 clubs in Houston.

  13. You are doing a good thing by letting the general population know what is going on in the world pertaining to clubs in situations like this. While club business is "off limits" to those not involved with a club, passing along the info you shared could help keep people from getting into "hot water", but giving them a heads up. Not everyone is in the loop when it comes to knowing which way the wind is blowing in certain parts of the country.

  14. Hollywood I am laughing because today, kids connect online and meet just to have sex,, and fight about what some said about them ONLINE lololol. I wonder all the time with this virtual reality crap and video games how long before they figure out how to have sex and fight online too, lolololol

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