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  1. Aliens are NOT our friends. just listen to some regression sessions of abductees and hear how freaking terrified they are. Imagine if Star Trek beamed you on board their ship and compare that to freaky demon-looking monsters sticking horrible-looking probes into your bodies – men having sperm taken out (the non-fun way) and women their eggs. When an alien comes knocking at your "door" blast the fucker or shout Jesus. Hmmmm, if you shout Jesus, how does that abolish physical beings? The same way the Devil appeared and hung out with Jesus in the wilderness. Fallen angels can take physical form, just like these Interdimensional idiots

  2. Thats just too cool. Why is it so many people are freaking out over gray graygreen graybrown little people with big eyes. Ever seen dwarf or like that show little people you dont see them doing anil probing and taking our cows thinking they have to speak to the Cow not humans come on U know.i think Linda got it bit wrong. I do believe grays came down and they do to huge culture shock think the cows are in charge amd we are there slaves. Think about it,
    Gray flys down cows are in a field as is farmer Brown only Brown is Scooping up cow Crap making the grays think the cows are Gods making us clean up there Cow poop.
    The only Dam Reason our cows come Back cut up parts missing ect ect ect the grays are doing this because they are integrating them grays want answers and this is all the cows say

    Like Mooo ( chew chew ) moooo (chew chew)

    Its around this time the gray snaps beats the piss out.of the cow they then fly away pissed off and they fly off with the cows balls hanging on ufo Back up mirror.

    Now holly crap i figured out the meaning of life no wonder the grays help us they think were cow slaves.

    Rock on world !!!!!


  3. Its NOT a triangle…it only looks like that from below…there is a good video of this one on the MOVIE called "Stargate SG1", it was pre-programming us years ago when the movie came out. Now they are here. THINGS ARE GOING TO GET VERY INTERESTING!

  4. I seen plenty of these triangles (that are that huge) sitting in the sky at night. Sometimes there is more in the sky, just parked there staring at you (I guess) I actually was other side around 2:30 AM just standing by a tree watching them, to see what else might they do. I will tell that if you quietly watch them long enough in the dark you will see, that while stationary in the sky, it is changing it's position (like a slow rotation).

    It very eerie, because these ships are beyond huge, yet the odd thing is they don't make a sound. Just sitting in the early morning dark sky, rotating quietly. The most I've seen is three in the night sky!

  5. I just posted the crazy images of cigar ships and massive alien structures that was my personal confirmation that made me a true believer. These huge megastructures are everywhere and they are the meaning of the "eye in the sky" because the eye is the main symbol these demins have embedded into every part of these structures.

  6. man we lived in TX for 7 yrs now back in Australia….don't miss those chemtrails at all. I Remember taking son to football most weekends and watch them spray a beautiful blue sky till it went hazy…..it was depressing to be honest…why the F do we put up with this BS…

  7. I know many people don't believe in UFO / OVNI phenomena, and I respect your positions about it. But I want to assure everybody, and I swear for God, that I saw i this triangle shaped thing flying over my head in the sky in 2015, in mother's day. I have no witness but in my heart, and this is the first time I take the courage to talk about this, I know the triangle flying black thing really exists. Sorry for my English, I am from Brazil.

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