14 Replies to “Waylon Jennings – “I’ve Always Been Crazy (1989)” [Live from Austin, TX]”

  1. "Beautiful lady are you sure that you understand
    The chances your taking loving a free living man
    Are you really sure you really want what you see
    Be careful of something that's just what you want it to be"

    Wise words from Waylon. I am in a comparable situation now with this young lady about half my age who is crazy about me, and I love her too, a nicer girl have I never met. Now Waylon is probably right, she love me because she imagine me being what she want me to be. 
    Anyway, great song, special performance that fits with the crazy theme.

  2. AdI was country when I didn’t think country was cool I had Aerosmith and Waylon Jennings right next to each other and my eight track cassette players that tells you how old I am a little bit rock on

  3. Theres a few of folks out there that are said to sound like Waylon. The truth is there ain't but one and there always will be only one Waylon Jennings. Miss you ole hoss

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