28 Replies to “Top 10 WORST towns in Texas. The Lone Star state has some not so great towns.”

  1. everybody I've known who has been to Texas said they got out as soon as they could.
    these are all college educated caucasins who couldn't stand the hatred.

  2. Detroit Texas is pronounced DEE troit Texas. Sadly, I live near it, and the whole area is the boondocks, and all the family trees look like telephone poles. Thank god I'm not from here, and will soon be leaving.

  3. Yes this guy doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to Elsa Texas he shows pictures of McAllen Texas . And besides I live in Elsa and it is not as bad as people think peaceful small community get your facts straight

  4. Lol look WHERE in texas most of these towns are. They are on or near the border…..a few of these towns you had better be fluent in spanish. Some of these towns dried up 50 years ago and what few people who choose to live there …well again…speak spanish.

  5. Sounds like a snowflake,that doesn't believe in The 2nd amendment,or is a Texan trying to keep snowflakes from moving to The Greatest State in Our Country..
    I'd like to think it is the latter…..Probably not….

  6. You left out Shiner, TX. Sucks to live here. Sucks to work here. Nothing but family owned businesses with sky high prices, beer joints, bitchy old people that are never satisfied, and a brewery.

  7. How can a town have a high crime rate AND BE BORING ????? .
    You should go to ASHDOWN ARKANSAS sometime . it has a walmart , a taco bell , and an army surplus store . the main employer is a papermill and when it's in production the whole town smells like fire ant poison !!!

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