40 Replies to “Conan Becomes A Texas Deputy, Part II”

  1. I did a little research, here's what I found out:

    Notice the name of Brian's store: Indians & Outlaw's Consignment Mall.
    Brian is wearing a Cowboys sweater.
    That doesn't fit together and there's only one explanation:
    This guy is an imposter, he probably killed the real Brian.

    We never see Sam. Maybe it's Uncle Sam? So the army is also part of it.

    2:26 Brian's glasses are dark
    3:03 his glasses are back to normal
    So Brian is wearing self-tinting lenses and he was outside before Conan arrived. Why?

    If you stop the video at 2:26, you can see 3 stars in the video. Do you know what that means? There's a mole in the Sheriff's Office. I guess it's Lt. Jones – he's the only one who didn't laugh when Conan unveiled the truth.

    Alvarado is an anagram for 'Lava Road'. Think about it.

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