50 Replies to “Exploring Austin, Texas with the Fujifilm X70”

  1. Fantastic! Well spoken, eloquent and articulate. Did not rush the script and you obviously know what you are talking about. Most impressive! I wish you all the best and hope to see more reviews/videos from you in the future. You have a bright one ahead of you! Best Regards! Subscribed. And agree with others; excellent shooting and editing.

  2. I finally got to hold the Fuji x100T and must say it feels chheeaaapp!!! you going to one of those leather camera cases just to feel it's protected. …Not worth the price point, new. Get it used, x100T or x100F.

  3. Excellent review. I might get this camera. I think the x100T would serve me better. Maybe I'll wait till the x100F is released. Or, maybe I'll go with the XPRO2. Too many choices, darn it. I definitely need to get one… or two. I have the XT-1 to play with in the meantime.

  4. Really great review. I don't subscribe to a lot of camera channels but you just earned a new viewer. like someone, said before the way this was shot and edited is awesome, especially the colors. I especially appreciate that you did, the whole review outdoors in the world. Too many people review cameras sitting at a table for 15 minutes. A lot of times lady reviewer's are there just to look pretty I appreciate that you know your stuff. Don't change a thing You are right up there with the camera store TV. Represent.

  5. that's a really nice review u got here, it makes me wanna buy the x70 but i'm thingking of to have the xa2 too..well, i'm pretty confused right now, well i'm a beginner and i'm planning to buy a fuji camera for daily use, more like for travelling, food photography, fashion and some other memorable photos..what do u recommend me to buy between fujiX70 and fujiXa2? thanks btw

  6. You've hit your stride with this review. (Is it me or is the audio quality better than the previous reviews?)You seem more confident in the content and delivery. I just subscribed, please keep these reviews coming!

  7. Anyone have user feedback on the video record button?It seems to be VERY difficult to start and stop recording. Even when using the very top of my finger and pressing hard.Of course this makes for jerky video.(And please, don't bother to reply with the obvious: "why would you use this camera to record video?!" Comments. Thanks!)

  8. Love the way the video was filmed! Do you have any samples of videos shot by the x70 itself? I'm wondering how the lack of image stabilisation and AF hunting will turn out.

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