21 Replies to “WILD POLICE CHASE That Ends In A HORRIFYING Crash”

  1. I thought the police were not supposed to chase people like that anymore if its putting the public in danger? They're supposed to hang back and let the chopper pursue.

  2. Good Job COPS Keep Chasing the Pickup then You get what A Wreck Bodily Injury or Worse.When is it to UNSAFE to Keep Chasing A Fleeing Motor Vehicle?

  3. It's all the bad guy's fault, right? If the cops Called Off a Dangerous Chase/Push through city streets for a stolen truck, nobody would have gotten hurt and property wouldn't have gotten damaged. What good is that truck and SUV to the owners now? You either stop them Now or GPS them and close in when they stop. Brainless Pushing is irresponsible. The cops REALLY showed concern for the civilians They Pushed that truck into! That civilian Has to get a good lawyer and sue Pasadena!

  4. All cars need to be equipped with remote shutdown via satellite , GM was working on this in 2009 what ever happened to this technology?

  5. With so many pursuits like this one always happening, why not changing the law?!
    Pursuing a criminal like this bastard no more than 2 minutes before opening fire on him from a military jet. How about that? Punishment never stops future incidents. A definitive action to stop a filthy criminal will surely result in only one harm, and that is the harm of the filthy criminal. No other citizens should be at risk not even for seconds.

  6. The cop that rearended the citizen and split from the scene, does he/she get charged with leaving the scene of an accident? Not likely, cops are above the law.

  7. No, it's not "waiting for the loss of gasoline".
    No way, I don't think "If you stop in a car and an accident with a general person".

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