46 Replies to “Could a quote from religious text be considered hate speech on social media?”

  1. The dems are responsible for the abortion holocaust of African Americans to the tune of 20 million dead babies since 73' but conservatives are NAZI's. The left used to fear corporate power. Now they cheerlead for mega-corps to restrict speach. The double-think is double plus strong with them.

  2. We need to define publicly available and used space as under Constitutional protection. That is the only solution.

    How can you expect companies to be neutral. That is infantile! Seriously???

  3. Ted “I have Trump shite on my nose” Cruz is so sleazy he almost lost his job in the REDest state in the US. Ted Cruz is a moron, Fox News creates its own content, social media sites don’t create their content and cannot be sued. Socialist Medicine is working all over the world and with better results then in the US.

  4. Ted's. Wife is ugly
    .and his father was involved with the JFK assassination… ..why is nobody talking about that?….oh and he's not from Texas..he's from Canada…and his name aint ted it's Rafael..ironic
    .state tv at it's finest

  5. Didn't know much about Ted Cruz other than that he was up against Trump in the election…. Seems like a good dude, and he's spot on about where we are heading if the problems created by the radical left don't get sorted out soon

  6. Bigot – "intolerant towards those holding different opinions"
    "Hate speech" – an opinion of ones constitutionally protected free speech.
    The left's attempts at banning hate speech is nothing more than intolerance towards those holding different opinions. Welcome to the psychological projections of the left.

  7. Free speech should not be inhibited or prohibited by governments, businesses, unions, internet service providers, web hosting providers, non-government organizations, and non-profit organizations! The political solution – passing an internet bill of rights law – would be easy, if Democrats were not totalitarians.

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