45 Replies to “Erin Burnett: The bloodbath isn't over”

  1. How fat can Erin Burnett get, must be very depressing to go to work at a job in which you lie everyday. Image having to go to work and lie to the public daily. She over eats yo compensates

  2. start naming your sources & put them on the spot for their lies, fuck you cnn you bunch of piece of shit liars
    time to pay the piper you piece of shit democrats

  3. Congressman Thompson, with all due respect sir and I'm sure you are aware of this fact,
    Donald Dumb ass don't give a F@$#!!!!

    When the Russians colluded with this sinister moron to make him president of this country
    by further deluding the neanderthals that pulled the lever for this guy, they [Russia] knew that this
    was a win win for them and a losing loser for us!

    This is the greatest coup in the history of coups.
    And we deserve it!
    This country has destabilized nations for eons and now the greatest bloodless
    coup has happened without a shot fired and no one realizes how historic this
    utter nonsense is.

    They have covered their tracks by pushing Barr-ney Rubble into the A.G. spot.
    We haven't seen anything yet!
    Brace yourself for hydrogen collider or hydrogen "Colluder" impact!

  4. "America is a country of laws"… Bahahahahahaha…. trump don't care about laws…. silly people… they (HS) separate children cause that's what he [massa trump] directs … SAD !

  5. America is completely out of control! Democrazy, not democracy! Just name one politician who is bright, experienced, has leadership skill, knowledgeable, decent, honorable, love our country more than money and power, love and fear God,

  6. CNN fraud is incredible. Obama built the cages and those pictures of children in those cages were taken in 2014. To be sure there are so many emigrants now there are not even enough cages Where trump try to pass an executive order ending the use and keeping the families together and the 9th circuit declared it illegal!!!!!!…. These people are just covering their back ends for the crimes they in fact did commit in their attempt to unseat a duly elected president

  7. Is it just me or has Erin Burnett gained a lot of weight? Girl has been eating lots of cake, pilbury dough-girl…look at her arms, she look like she could give you a fat stiff arm as a running back. Girl clearly has been sucking on porch chops… that CNN salary has been feeding that ass well. One too many Frappuccino’s for her..

  8. LMFAO! more of CNN's mysterious "sources"…. um…. LMFAO!
    do i even need to bother listing the gargantuan list of CNN's source failures? how is that public trust rating CNN? how may of YOUR so-called journalists ended up on the top 50 least trusted journalists in media. votes conducted by your own fellow journalists, LMFAO! how are those viewer ratings doing CNN?
    as to the idea of these legals being criminals… this is simple… YES, period.
    1. to cross our border illegally is a felony…
    2. to exist in this nation requires ID. thus, they must commit identity theft, felony. the they defraud the gov. when they present that stolen identity. they defraud their employer when they present that stolen identity as well. multiple state and federal felonies…
    if you came here on a visa and didn't leave. you violate most of the same felonies…. by NOT leaving as directed by your visa. you defraud your employers, the state and federal agencies. by violating the visa contract you signed. we agreed to allow you to come here under certain rules and restrictions. and you violated those rules and restrictions, period. all felonies.
    if i were to commit ANY of the above mentioned crimes. would i be wrong to expect that i'll be arrested and my kids taken from me? i'm wrong in thinking that my kids will be allowed to come stay with me in a federal (or state) prison? come on stupids… tell me i'm wrong. i beg you idiots to try, lol….

  9. Trump may very well be supplying underage girls to human trafficker Epstein and his cronies. No records kept on them. Easy money for Trump. Seriously, someone needs to investigate.

  10. imagine getting information from a place that only allows guests to speak for a few minutes at a time with constant interruptions from commercial breaks. its not all that hard to throw out 10 minutes if uninterrupted facts and seem knowledgeable. screw the news! #FearTheOldBlood !!!!!!

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