19 Replies to “Top Haunted Places in Texas you can Visit”

  1. i work at the alamo and yes let me tell you i have heard noises books falling off shelves in the gift shop. lights flickering whispers that i cant quite make out but yes the alamo is one heck of a ride 😊😱

  2. Hello Guys if you come to India..there are many haunted places in India, out of which 2 are worth mentioning. 1. Bhangarh of Alwar/Rajasthan..the entire fort + entire town is haunted, no tourist or people allowed before sunrise and after sunset, and is a mandate by the government. This is a 15th century fort very recently discovered. The legends of its spookiness were so strong, the archaeological office was set up 3Kms away from the excavation site. 2. The Dumas beach in Gujarat. Dumas beach is a strip of land/beach along the cost of Gujarat/Arabian sea, and was mainly used as a cremation ground (Hindu people burn/cremate the bodies of the deceased and not bury them). Everything is sweet and fine in the morning, the fun starts after 4 or 5 p.m in the evening when the entire place becomes dull and gloomy, stray dogs and animals behaves way strange than normal..and than…one hears whispers….."Go away from this place". Anyways guys please remember you may or may not believe in the Supernatural but do not bring anything from that place not even a pebble..

  3. Ahh, this is so cool! I love horror movies and anything scary or paranormal. Did you experience anything creepy? 😀 I definitely need to take a trip to San Antonio, it looks awesome with it's rivers and the ghost tours would just be the cherry on top! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  4. I might be wrong, but I think Americans like to claim a lot of places are haunted.  I lived in Illinois for a year and the town I lived in was suppose to be the most haunted place in the USA.  I personally don't believe any of it.

  5. I was just in San Antonio and wanted to visit the Emily Morgan hotel, but only had time to drive by it. I love the bar at the St. Anthony! I did visit the Driskell Hotel though!

  6. Mineral Wells is about an hour from my home town Fort Worth! Do you are subscribe to Maestro Misterio? Is a mystery channel on YouTube and i like his videos.

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